Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are mandated for planes with more than 19 passenger seats. Are you looking for flight attendants on board of your airline?

You ask, we deliver. We respect the privacy of your customers, while we ensure that they enjoy their snacks, lunch, dinner, drinks and other needs that you have requested. Besides the best service our flight attendants offer flight safety aboard.

We deliver top quality flight attendants for an affordable rate. Our flight attendants are carefully selected on their experience level, skills, and attitude. They all have a significant background in professional aviation. Some served as hostess in private/business jets, others as flight attendant and/or purser in the business class of different first class airliners. They all have above average social skills and attention to detail. All our flight attendants are representative, reliable, responsible, customer oriented, flexible, and pro active. They are familiar with the etiquette and are committed to satisfy your passengers’ needs. In addition, our flight attendants are subjected to our privacy code and standardization. According this code employees are not allowed to share information about our customers and their clients with others.

Basic flight safety, crew resource management and first aid is the knowledge that our flight attendants possess. According to international flight safety, flight attendants are only allowed to fly three different aircraft types. Depending on your planes and demands we might have to convert personnel.

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