We provide professional hostesses for your private or business jet.

Flight Attendant?

We provide professional flight attendants for your business jets or airline.


We provide professional personal assistants.

Why Choose Us


Top Quality Service. We deliver top quality service for an affordable rate. Our services meet the highest standards, while our prices are competitive. We meet these high standards by selecting our personnel on their experience level, skills, and attitude. Our personnel is familiar with the etiquette and is committed to satisfy your needs.


Highly Experienced Personnel. Our personnel is highly experienced. Our employees are carefully selected on their experience level. All our employees have a significant background in professional aviation. Some served as hostess in private/business jets, others as flight attendant and/or purser in the business class of different first class airliners.


Highly Skilled Personnel. Our personnel is highly skilled. Our employees are carefully selected on specific skills. All our employees have above average social skills and attention to detail.


Professional Attitude. Our personnel has a professional attitude. Our employees are carefully selected on their professional attitude. All our employees are representative, reliable, responsible, customer oriented, flexibel, and pro active.


Privacy Code. Our personnel is subjected to our privacy code. All our employees have signed and acknowledged our privacy code. According this code employees are not allowed to share information about our customers and their clients with others.


Standardization. Our personnel is subjected to standardization. Our employees are evaluated during their yearly proficency check. If deficencies are discovered they will be trained until they meet the required level. This process garantees we continu to deliver top quality service for an affordable price!